How to Choose the Right Windows to Tie together your indoor and outdoor space

How to Choose the Right Windows and Doors to Tie in Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

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Having the right transition between the inside of your Saint Louis home and your patio or sunroom can be hard to attain. These transitions are critical because they allow guests to see in and out of your home and plays a large role in making the entire design look consistent. When renovating or investing in replacement doors, there are many ways to ensure you are cohesively incorporating all of the pieces together, whether in or outside of your door.

Outdoor patios and living spaces are used nearly as much as kitchens or living rooms are in the Saint Louis area, assuming they are created in a functional manner. Large glass windows and doors can be perfect for homeowners that spend a lot of time in their indoor and outdoor spaces. Here are a few tips from the profs at Pella Windows and Doors to help you ease your home’s transition from the outside to the inside. 

  • It is important to keep the entry and exit clear where your indoor and outdoor spaces come together. A clear walkway can open up both indoor and outdoor spaces, making the transition between the two spaces ease in to each other. Having the correct door can also help let in natural light and make a seemless transition.

  • Add a touch of fun to your rooms by getting a large window and transition pieces, like a bar at the base of your window opening. Having a bold piece means you have the ability to entertain more people and can spread that space when you have larger groups of people over to your Saint Louis home.

  • When getting a replacement door, use it to spur inspiration for your decorations. Making easy changes to your home’s décor to match the style of your new door can create a seamless transition for your new entryway.

  • Carry over the sense of a ceiling to your outdoor space through making pieces like a pergola. These Renaissance-inspired pieces are perfect for blocking the sun, hanging lights, and simply helping you feel like you have a more upscale outdoor spaces in Saint Louis.
For more tips and tricks on seamless transitions, visit the experts at Pella Windows and Doors in the Saint Louis showroom, or call us at 314-207-0726. We can’t wait to help you kickoff your transition, starting with a new replacement door.

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